Campus Map - ASU Mountain Home Campus
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Campus Map

1. Roller Hall

First Floor

Norma Wood Library

Second Floor


Bruce Family Room

Computer Lab

Gaston Lobby

Hurd Student Center/Subway

Information Center

Student Center

Testing Center

Third Floor


Career Placement

Cashier's Office

Chancellor's Office

Financial Aid



Student Services

Wright Conference Room

2. Dryer Hall

First Floor

Bolland Composition Computer Ctr D101

Classrooms D-100-D106

Second Floor

Bruce Lobby

McMullin Lecture Hall D200

Faculty Offices D201-D206

Schliemann Learning Center D208

Third Floor

Blackburn Art Program D307

Conference Room D307

Faculty Offices D302-D318

3. Integrity First Hall

First Floor

Faculty Offices F101, F104, F108

Director of Computer Services F151

Computer Services F100, F105

Educational Talent Search F106

A+ Computer Lab F102

Weight Training Classroom F107

Second Floor

Rea-Elam Lobby

White Computer Lab F208

Computer Information System Lab F207

Faculty Offices F201-F205

Classroom F206

Workforce Development F210

Third Floor

Faculty Offices F301-F304

Classroom F306

Computer Labs F308-F309

Bell Tower Conference Room F310

4. McClain Hall

First Floor

Faculty Offices M100a-M105

Teacher Education (Jonesboro) M106

Mathematics Lab M107

Funeral Science Classroom/Network Hub M108

CNA/Phlebotomy Classroom/Skills Lab M109

Second Floor

Student Services/Recruiting M200a-M206

Classrooms M207, M210, M217

Science Lab Prep Room M208

Life & Physical Sciences Lab M209

Third Floor

Faculty Offices M302-M306

Weitkamp Chemistry Lab M309

A&P Microbiology Lab M311

5. Gotaas Hall (Health Science Building)

First Floor

ASU Degree Center H101-H105

Nursing Classrooms H106-H107

EMT/Paramedic Classrooms H108-H109

Dental Hygiene Classrooms H110-H111

Faculty Office H112

Second Floor

Peitz Nurses Training Center

Conference Room H102

Health Sciences Coordinator H102

Faculty Offices H203-H211

Secretary Receptionist H212

Nursing Skills Lab H213

Nursing Classroom H214

Third Floor

Drabczyk Health Professions Center

Conference Room H301

Respiratory Care Classrooms H302-H303

Classrooms H304-H305

6. Vada Shied Community Development Ctr

First Floor

Box Office

Communications & Institutional Advancement

Community Education

Finance & Administration

Human Resources

McClure Convention Center

Performing Arts Center

Second Floor

Academic Affairs

Art Gallery

Haley Family Conference Room

Ozark Regional Arts Council Conference Room

7. McCurley Maintenance Complex

Security Office

8. Career Pathways