Inclement Weather Policy - ASU Mountain Home Campus
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Weather Policy


Weather-related Closings and Delays


ASU Mountain Home does not normally close classes or offices because of hazardous driving conditions. However, the obligation to provide services to the citizens of the community must be balanced with the risk of danger to students and employees. It is, therefore, appropriate that guidelines reflect the safety needs of our students, employees, and citizens.

The university remains open, for academic classes and all other services, during inclement weather except in extreme circumstances determined by the Chancellor. However, students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to use good judgment in deciding whether to drive to campus during inclement weather. The university will notify by 6:30 a.m., if possible, the local news media that publicize the closing of classes and/or offices. The following radio stations will be notified: KTLO 97.9 FM, KPFM 105.5, KKTZ 93.5 and KOMT 107.5. The inclement weather announcement will also be posted on the ASUMH web site and Facebook page; and through the ASUMH Alert system unless there are power outages or other circumstances preventing electronic communication.

When the campus is closed, employees are not expected to report for work with the following exception: in some instances, key administrative and members of the maintenance staff may be expected to report to work.

On days classes are declared to be cancelled or delayed by the inclement weather policy, all employees should be at work by the time designated by the Chancellor. Employees arriving by the designated time will be given credit for a full day’s attendance. Employees not coming to work at all will be charged a full day’s absence (annual leave). University employees are expected to notify appropriate administrative personnel of their inability to get to campus.

When severe inclement weather occurs during office hours, employees may be allowed to leave work early for safety reasons. Decisions to allow employees to leave work early, however, should recognize the requirement to retain designated critical personnel.

Department administrators shall designate critical personnel who will be required to reach their workstations as soon as possible to assure that offices are open to the public and services are provided, unless the campus is closed.