Required Reports - ASU Mountain Home Campus
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Summary of Reports (as required by Act 742)

19-9-502. Revenue Bond report
19-4-609. Productivity Report
6-61-122. Higher education minority retention programs -- Establishment -- Reports
6-63-103. Affirmative action programs -- Plans --Annual reports
6-61-222. Uniform reporting standards.
6-62-109. Annual certification of solvency. 
6-62-107. Reduction of state funds expended on remediation. 
6-63-316. Reporting of salaries of administrators.  
6-80-106. Definitions and limitations on expenditures for academic and performance scholarships.
6-61-220. Retention and graduation rate information.  
22-8-101. Registration of state-owned motor vehicles -- Report.  
22-3-2010. Performance review -- Report. (none currently) 
10-3-314. Report on claim filed with Arkansas State Claims Commission. (none currently)