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The Freshman Assessment and Placement Program prescribes statewide minimum standards for determining whether entering freshmen should be placed in college level math and composition courses or in college preparatory courses in math, composition, and reading. ASUMH students whose scores indicate placement in college preparatory classes must enroll in those courses during their first fifteen (15) hours of course work. Students in all associate degree and technical certificate programs are required to take and complete all required college preparatory classes. Contact the ASUMH Testing Center at (870) 508-6209 to schedule an appointment for admissions testing.

ACT score release form

SAT score release form


Students who score below 19 on the mathematics section of the Enhanced ACT (American College Testing Program's ACT Assessment Test) or below 460 on the quantitative portion of the re-centered SAT (College Board's Scholastic Aptitude Test) or below 43 on the ASSET (American College Testing Program's Assessment of Skills for Successful Entry and Transfer) Intermediate Algebra Test, or below 46 on the COMPASS Test must successfully complete the college preparatory mathematics course or courses as stated below. Students must earn passing grades ("C" or better) in these courses before advancing to College Algebra.

ACT Math
21 or above  MATH 1023    College Algebra
*19 or above  MATH 1043    Quantitative Reasoning
19-20  MATH 0103    Intermediate Algebra
17 or above  MATH 1113    Applied Math
16 or above  MATH 1103    Technical Math
14-18  MATH 0003    Beginning Algebra
14-15  MATH 1103 w/ required tutoring    Technical Math
0-13     CPT 0053    Basic Math
ASSET Intermediate Algebra Test
48 or above MATH 1023    College Algebra
39-47  MATH 1003    Intermediate Algebra
0-38    MATH 0003    Beginning Algebra
ASSET Numerical Test
40 or above   MATH 0003   Beginning Algebra
0-39    CPT 0053   Basic Math
37 or above    MATH 1103   Technical Math
24-36    MATH 1103 w/ required tutoring   Techinical Math
34 or above    MATH 0003   Beginning Algebra
0-33     CPT 0053   Basic Math
*0 or above     MATH 0023    Developmental Mathematics
47 or above    MATH 1023  College Algebra
38 or above    MATH 1043  Quantitative Reasoning
38-46    MATH 0103  Intermediate Algebra
28 or above    MATH 1113  Applied Math
23 or above    MATH 1103  Technical Math
16 - 37    MATH 0003  Beginning Algebra
16 - 22     MATH 1103 w/ required tutoring     Technical Math

*MATH 0023 Developmental Mathematics is offered in a modular format as an OPTIONAL route to completing College Preparatory (CPT) requirements for students testing into CPT 0053 Basic Math, MATH 0003 Beginning Algebra, or MATH 1003 Intermediate Algebra.

English Composition

Students scoring below 19 on the English section of the Enhanced ACT or below 470 on the Verbal section of the SAT or below 45 on the ASSET Language Usage test or below 80 on the COMPASS Writing Skills Test must successfully complete the college preparatory course or courses in composition as stated below:

ACT English
19 or above     ENG 1003    Composition I
0-18    CPT 0103    College Writing
ASSET English
45 or above     ENG 1003    Composition I
0-44     CPT 01303    College Writing
80 or above  ENG 1003    Composition I
0-79     CPT 0103    College Writing


Students who score below 19 on the Reading section of the Enhanced ACT, below 470 on the verbal section of the SAT, below 43 on the ASSET Reading Skills test or below 83 on the COMPASS Reading Skills Test must enroll in the following college preparatory course or courses:

ACT Reading  
19 or above     Exempt    Exempt
0-18    CPT 0123    College Reading
ASSET Reading  
43 or above      Exempt
0-42 CPT 0123 College Reading
COMPASS Reading Skills
83 or above      Exempt
1-82 CPT 0123 College Reading