Career Pathways - ASU Mountain Home Campus
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Arkansas Career Pathways Initiative is a new program that enables your local two-year college to offer those who qualify free career training and college classes. But that's not all. In addition to free training and college classes, the Pathways program may be able to help overcome the barriers that have kept you from getting the training and education you need.


Career Pathways participants will have access to:

  • Advising to assist with career and educational decisions

  • Assistance finding jobs while in school and careers upon graduation

  • Extra instruction for building successful academic and employment skills

  • Tutoring

  • Easy access to a computer lab for doing homework and improving computer skills

In addition, some parents may qualify for financial aid to assist with childcare, transportation, and tuition, books, and other direct educational expenses.


  • You must be a parent, with children under age 21 living in your home, AND
  • You must be receiving Transitional Employment Assistance (TEA) now, or have received TEA in the past, OR
  • You must be receiving food stamps or Medicaid, OR
  • You must have annual family income below 250% of federal poverty level (about $42,925 annually for a family of three)
  • Go To College
  • Get Career Training
  • Get Help To Do It