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Baptist Collegiate Ministry

The purpose of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry is to encourage fellowship for students in a Christian atmosphere; to encourage Bible study and the practice of its teachings; to organize students for service and ministry projects; to assist students to share their faith; to offer guidance as students face crisis and critical choices for their lives; and to train students for a life of leadership. BCM has an open membership policy, but the leadership is made up of growing Christian students. The organization is Christian in perspective. BCM provides for students to meet with those whose values and beliefs are the same. Through their common interests, they can develop their concerns for others, both on and off campus, and offer assistance. Students with a spiritual concern for others will be attracted to Baptist Collegiate Ministry.

Sponsor: Bill Hughes

B.E.S.T. Experience

The Business and Economic Student Travel (B.E.S.T.) Experience strives to advance the study of business, economics, and related fields through experiential learning and travel. Experiential learning activities will include, but are not limited to, visits to corporate headquarters and/or production facilities, tours of banking institutions and/or government entities, etc.

 Sponsor: Troylene Perry and Nick Morrow

Circle K

Circle K is a service organization through which college students can find a means of responsible student action in the communities and a more active involvement in the life of the campus. Circle K’s mission is to involve college and university students in campus and community service while developing quality leaders and citizens. Circle K inspires people to better our world. Its motto is “We Build.” Circle K provides constructive opportunities for students to become involved on campus and in the community through service work to others in need.

Sponsor: Shelia Priest

Criminal Justice Club

The Criminal Justice Club is open to anyone interested in learning more about and participating in the criminal justice systems. The purpose of the club is to promote job opportunities in the criminal justice program and to make known to the community the criminal justice program. The club provides a vehicle for community service in the many aspects of the criminal justice system and it provides a spirit of camaraderie among criminal justice students who share common interests and career goals.

Sponsor: Kurt Monroe

Gay/Straight Alliance

The GSA of Arkansas State University - Mountain Home brings together gay youth and straight allies to help eliminate homophobia on campus and in the community. By raising awareness of different sexual and gender identities, celebrating the wide-ranging diversity of the student body, and advocating for equal treatment for people of all sexual orientations, the GSA will create a school environment free of homophobic sexual, verbal, and physical harassment. Through acceptance, the GSA will help reduce isolation and depression and provide a safe place to offer support.

Sponsor: Becky Baird and Eddie Dry

Journalism Club

This Journalism Club provides the opportunity for students to develop new skills in creative writing, media, public relations, advertising while following all ethical standards of accuracy and fairness within the journalism profession. The purpose of the Journalism Club shall be to further journalistic values and education outside the classroom, share experiences and knowledge, train and offer writing experience to members, volunteer in the community and on campus, and complete and issue a college digital and/or print publication.

Sponsor: Jessica Sisco

Lambda Beta Society

The Lambda Beta Society is the national honors society for the respiratory care profession. The purpose of the Society is to promote, recognize, and honor scholastic achievement, service and character of students, graduates, and faculty members of the respiratory care profession. The organization works to achieve the purpose by promoting achievement of high scholarly standards with the chapters through the encouragement of membership and graduation with honors.

Sponsor: Janie Castro-Rios

Mortuary Science Club

The purpose of this organization is to promote job opportunities for students in the funeral science program; to make known to the community the funeral science program, its students, and its importance; to provide a vehicle for community service the many aspects of the funeral industry; to provide input to the administration on matters of interest and concern to the funeral science students; to seek scholarships and grants in the field of funeral science; and to provide a spirit of camaraderie among funeral science students who share common interests and career goals.

Sponsor: Matt Buel

National Student Nurses’ Association (ASUMH Chapter)

This is a national organization of nursing or pre-nursing students in any state-approved program preparing for registered nurse licensure. The primary purpose of the national organization and the local chapter is to
promote nursing as a career. Additional areas of focus include legislative issues in health care and contributing to the health and well-being of our community through projects and programs.

Sponsor: Barbara Wike

Phi Beta Lambda

The purpose of Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) is to provide opportunities for post-secondary and college students to develop vocational competencies for business and office occupations and business teacher education. PBL is an integral part of the instructional program and in addition promotes a sense of civic and personal responsibility.

Sponsor: Karen Heslep and Leda Thompson

Phi Delta Kappa

The purpose of the undergraduate student organization of Phi Delta Kappa is to provide additional opportunities for undergraduate students in the field of education to develop vocational competencies for the teaching profession. Undergraduate students will interact with experienced members of the teaching profession to facilitate the transition from school to work by participating in meetings and projects of the local Phi Delta Kappa North Arkansas Twin Lakes Chapter 1458. Members of the organization must be students at ASUMH seeking certification as teachers.

Sponsor: Paula Stewert, Christy Pries, and Sue Anselm

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is an academic honors organization for students in two-year colleges. The purpose of the organization is the advancement of scholastic effort and the rewarding of academic merit among college
students. Membership is by invitation in accordance with local chapter by-laws. To be considered, a student must have accumulated 12 semester hours with at least a 3.50 GPA.

Sponsor: Rebecca Baird and Cyndi Crisel


Rotaract is an international organization which supports a university based service club for students between the ages of 18 to 30. Rotaract members will develop knowledge and skills at the club-level in community service, leadership and professional development, and international service. Each member will receive professional development from a successful Rotarian to help them make career decisions for their future. Also, Rotaract members believe in having a good time with barbecues, dances, fishing trips, bowling, outings and social events to help expand the horizons of each member and create new friendships. Rotaract was founded in 1968 by Rotary International.

Sponsor: Ken Hays

Stream Team 821 (The Hellbenders)

The Stream Team of ASU Mountain Home (the Hellbenders) provides educational outreach to the campus and throughout local communities to increase understanding and appreciation of Arkansas stream systems as well as promoting environmental advocacy and stewardship.

Sponsor: Eddie Dry

Student Ambassadors

The role of the student ambassadors at ASUMH is to assist the administration with promotion of the university, represent the student body at special events, and assist with recruiting of students.

Sponsors: Allison Haught, Christy Keirn, Mason Campbell 

Students for Christ

The Students for Christ aim to bring students together in an ecumenical fashion, in order to pursue God, develop godly character, and strive for unity amidst diversity. The purpose of SFC is to give ASUMH students a place to gather together with fellow students, regardless of denomination, in order to glorify God through their lives and various activities, including, but not limited to, worship, fellowship, service projects, on campus events approved by ASUMH and off campus events approved by the organization.

Sponsors: David Lincoln, Jacob Butcher

SGA - Student Government Association

The Student Government Association brings life to the ASUMH campus. It is the organization’s goal to give voice to the student body and to provide engaging activities and events for our campus. The SGA plans, organizes, and implements events and activities each semester that give students an opportunity to become involved with the university and the community. The organization strives to provide a mix of social, recreational, and educational programming that are designed to enrich the college experience of the ASUMH student. SGA works with other student organizations to promote volunteerism through example. Students from across campus volunteer annually for charitable events such as the Great Arkansas Highway Clean Up project, and the annual American Cancer Society Relay for Life.

Sponsor: Mason Campbell

Student Practical Nurses’ Organization

This organization is open only to Practical Nursing students. The primary purpose of the organization is to promote practical nursing and nursing as a career and to promote health and wellness in the community.
Members participate in projects, fundraisers, and support local organizations.

Sponsor: Dr. Julia Gist, Denise Malloy, and Lucy Haun